Sunday, September 30, 2007

Art Institute Poems--Alexa A.

Head of Guardian King
Originally uploaded by Daniel Lestarjette

Head of Guardian King--Alexa A.

Once Buddha’s mountain soldier,
A guardian against evil spirits,
Speaking the first word of the universe.
Now the unblinking eyes stare into
Undulating museum lights
With unwavering ferocity
While an eight year old boy
Snaps and flicks a wall switch
Bringing the guardian king to life
Under the blare. He speaks words
Of doom and damnation
Into the gaping, gummy mouth
Of the once king, threatening to
Kill me with one toothless,
Rubber band bite.

The boy skips past Joan of Arc
And busts of Italian women,
To shove his fingers
Up the nose of the king
With his storm cloud eyebrows
And bulgy, colorless eyes—taunting
All the monsters in his closet
That have fought back until now.
Mom reminds him, “just don’t put anything
In your mouth.” But he tastes with
Eight year old hands and bony fingers
Tickling the tongue of the touch
Gallery king and allowing the guardian
To taste the salty fingers lingering with
Happy meal grease, frantic to swallow
The temperature and texture

Of the head of the guardian king.

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