Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Art Institute Poems--Rachel H.

Farm near Duivendrecht, Piet Mondrian

First acquainted with your Lozenge Compositions,
thinking your art was black and white, primaries,
perfect lines and geometries, chanced upon this farm.
You knew the elements

more than in their seclusion. Elemental understanding
allows for more understood blending. Colors you
blend now, pastels of a setting sun sky are fragmented,
dominating presence of branches.

Yet colors are blending, lines bending. Can this be
the farm near Duivendrecht more than branches
and strokes of color? You approached the farm
from across the water,

broken too now. Can water be shattered vertically
as your strokes imply? Ripples spread outward
with a grace more compelling than your reflection,
though it may be still.

But the farmer's wife has been washing at the edge,
using the power of water to clean, power that
I don't want to see, just believe. But you remind me
that belief can know,
and knowing, believe.

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