Sunday, August 31, 2008


". . . the thesis of Daniel J. Levitin’s lively, ambitious and occasionally even persuasive new book, “The World in Six Songs.” Music, Levitin argues, is not just something to help pass the time on road trips anda swell facilitator for meeting girls: it is, he writes,“the soundtrack of civilization” — a force that shaped us as a species and prepared us for the higher-order task of sharing complex communications with one another."

from today's New York Times Book Review

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Daniel said...

I've got his book This Is Your Brain on Music, on the psychology and neuroscience of music, what we observe music does to us and for us. I guess this new book uses that information to figure out why we would need or want those experiences, and how they would be evolutionarily advantageous? I'll probably pick it up at some point, thanks for the tip.