Saturday, March 8, 2008

For hanging

A Curse--For Hanging--dw

When you hang
your painting
may the hammer scar
your wall, a hole
behind the woman's
pretty head.


Dayna said...

The Tiffers and I just wrote curse poems to each other

well we weren't cursing each other. we just exchanged them

dw said...

This one grows from the same source. She has us all cursing (though hers turn to blessing pretty quick, which I admire). I would never call her "the Tiffers" myself!


Dayna said...

Hey, she told me to call her that, on the first day of class. I'm just following orders. It does have a ring to it, no?

I love this poem! I didn't realize you wrote it - i read it out lout to all my roommates.