Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 20-Some Prayer

Some Prayer
(an iconoclast longs for several friends)

"The icon is a song of triumph, and a revelation, and an enduring monument to the victory of the saints and the disgrace of the demons." --John of Damascus, On Icons, 2, 2

Someone tonight believe
in a healing song
in the hands and their oils
on the flesh of our brother.

Some hand, tonight, burn
not as fire
not as flame
but as a fierce salve on the skin.

Summon out the venom
of the cells,
of the body in the world
that decays of our own weight.

Some God open, oh icon of yourself,
open, as a wound, take into yourself
my brother at his merest.

Summon him, or raise him,
or return him to us clean
as a new stone, as a verse in Revelation if you can.