Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 7-Call me Bonham

Or call it Moby Dick
though the book bore
nothing on the title,
or the sticks broken,
or whipped away
while the band walked
off stage as he beat bare
hands bloody, and, maybe
a little drunk, he rocked
one foot on the treadle.
To make a mighty hook
you play a mighty lick
leave a damning wake,
and a broken stick,
and a riff, or two, behind.

Here's a much shortened version of John Bonham's drum solo from Led Zeppelin's "Moby Dick." Legend has it, he sometimes played for 30 mins or more.

1 comment:

abolitiontheory said...

i would title it,

'a little drunk, he rocked'

that's a brilliant line.

love your work, prof. wright, as always.

been writing a bit myself. edited my work from creative writing yesterday, actually. encouraging, after all these months.

wrote an ekphrastic, the beginning of one anyway, the other day. it was about my brother leaving for afganistan. he sent pictures the day before he took off.

keep up the good work. i enjoy coming here every day.